Reflective tapes

Better visibility can be a lifesaver

Reflective tapes improve visibility in low light conditions and at night. Specifically designed for heavy-duty high-visibility clothing, such as workwear, firefighters' clothing, casual wear and accessories.

Originally developed for road worker safety, these sew-on or iron-on reflective tapes are used across industries.

The composition is based on high-precision, retroreflective micro glass beads, a polymer layer and a textile backing for the sew-on product line. The material reflects when illuminated, thus significantly improving the visibility of people. Depending on the design, the products are washable in household or industrial laundry and tested according to EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 11612, EN 469, EN 15384, as well as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which ensures that no skin-irritating substances are contained.

Our offer

We offer reflective tapes in a variety of colors and widths to provide the right solution for every application. Our product variety allows us to customize the width of each reflective tape to meet their individual needs.

The reflective tapes are designed to be applied to garments either by transfer or sewing. Available in standard, high visibility, flame retardant, transfer, cut to shape and lettering, piping tape, printed, etc.

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