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Corporate History


The third generation of the family becomes active in the company - Mylene Kreiger supports further growth in the digital world.



"der Kreiger" becomes distributor of PinTail®, the specialist for design-technically personalized fabrics! becomes "Authorized Velcro Premium Distributor" after Velcro Companies acquired Alfatex NV.



T-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters from are added to the range, Techs® Advanced Fabrics by Textil Santanderina expand the protukt portfolio fabrics.



Start of cooperation with the Italian company Nello Gori SpA, which deals with the production of softshells and fleeces.



"der Kreiger" takes over the distribution of Corncordia Textiles in Austria. The agency business is separated from the wholesale business, which is strategically concluded with the foundation of in 2007.



Turn of times. Start of specialization in technical textiles and ingredients for the workwear industry. Babette Kreiger, Martin Kreiger's wife, joins the company. At the same time, Hook and loop fasteners and reflective tapes are added to the product range for the first time.



Karl Kreiger retires from day-to-day business and hands over the company to Martin Kreiger.


After Martin Kreiger had gained his first sales experience at the then Bundesländerversicherung, he joined his father's company. The father literally pushed four suitcases of a terry cloth collection into the son's hand and said "Sell this!". This heralded the change of generations.



Martin Kreiger, son of the company's founder, earns his first spurs in the textile industry and works as a volunteer in textile mills in the Netherlands and England, including at Smith and Nephew.


Spula ribbon factory is sold, and Smith + Nephew Textiles begins selling it.



Karl Kreiger takes over exclusive representation of Bieze Stork (now A & E Gütermann) sewing threads for Austria and sets up a distribution warehouse especially for this purpose at the legendary "Stoß im Himmel 1" in 1010 Vienna.


Karl Kreiger Ges.m.b.H. is registered in the commercial register. In addition, company Spula Bandfabrik is founded together with Dox Hardick.


In the meantime, the founder of the company has set up his own business and this year he will take over the distribution of all products of Koninklijke Nijverdal Ten Cate N.V. in Austria.


Karl Kreiger works as a traveling salesman for the Weissenbeck company in Vienna and sells hotel linen to local accommodation providers at the regulars' tables at ski resorts in Austria.