Natural and chemical fibers combined in high quality yard goods that are durable, versatile and life-saving.

In our portfolio, you'll find a wide selection of yard goods that meet all the highest standards of quality, functionality, and sustainability.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool provide a comfortable feel and a natural look, while man-made fibers like polyester, polyamide, polyamide-imide, meta-aramide, para-aramide, modacrylic, viscose-FR, modal and viscose have a variety of positive properties.

Polyester, for example, is particularly robust and durable, while polyamides impress with their high elasticity and tear resistance. For special requirements such as heat resistance or flame retardancy, we also offer aramid and modacrylic as well as viscose FR fabrics. Viscose is a particularly soft and supple fiber, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Thanks to our wide selection, we can individually meet your needs in the fields of

  • Sportswear
  • Urbanwear

as well as in our core businesses

  • Corporate- and Workwear
  • PPE - persoanl protective equipment
  • fire fighting
  • military
  • police

Contact us for customized solutions in various designs:

Martin Kreiger

Owner and managing director

Your choices

starting at 20 to 750 g/m² in various blends as flat weaves, reinforced weaves, double weaves and leno weaves, pile fabrics and terry fabrics.

from 30 to 450 g/m² in jersey, rib, terry, piqué, fleece, and many more.

all colors according to CieLab, additionally prints (for example camouflage or MultiCam®)

standard, antistatic, highly visible, flame retardant, antibacterial, elastic, water repellent, acid and chemical resistant

PTFE, PES, µPU, PU and TPU - these composite technologies make the fabrics windproof, waterproof or even breathable.