Hook and loop tapes

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A big advantage of hook and loop fasteners is that they are easy to open and close, which makes it possible to react quickly to changing situations. Furthermore, they are robust and durable. These fasteners can withstand high loads and function even in difficult conditions such as rain and dirt. 

For 70 years, hook and loop fasteners have been a universal solution for a wide range of applications. Out of the intitial product patented by inventor Georges de Mestral, today we can offer you a wide range with thousands of possible products and combinations. Since decades, Velcro Companies has produced hook & loop fasteners.

Highlights from our hook and loop tape range

Standard Tape, woven hook and loop

has its roots in the original invention of hook and loop tapes and is today the standard hook and loop fastener tape in the clothing industry. Made of polyamide 6.0 according to the industrial standard DIN 3415, this type of tape meets all requirements for uniforms, workwear and equipment of all kinds in industrial and machine processing and guarantees durability and low wear.

It is used in many military, aerospace, automotive and construction applications. It is a good choice for applications that require high performance and reliability. Oeko-Tex® 100 certification is a given.

Available in: standard, flame retardant (FRT), infrared remittent (IRR), sew on, with adhesives, on rolls up to 160mm wide as well as die-cuts and lasercut.

Tests and certifications: DIN 3415, flame retardant according to EN ISO 11612 as well as EN ISO 14116 and EN 469 (EN ISO 15025 and ISO 17493), FMVSS 302, FAR 25853.

Colors: various colors according to manufacturer's color chart, special colors according to color samples, RAL, PANTONE® or CIELab.

Standard MultiCam® woven loop tape

The MultiCam® woven loop tabe is a special version of the standard loop tape. Technical properties are identical to those of the standard tape, but the standard MULTICAM® woven loop tape is, as the name suggests, only available as a loop tape. It perfectly matches the standard hook tape.

Available in the following versions: Standard, for sewing on, as roll material up to width 100 mm and die-cut. Flame retardant (FRT) coated, for sticking on, infrared remitting (IRR) on request.

Available at short notice ex works in the designs MultiCam® Classic, MultiCam® Arid, MultiCam® Black, MultiCam® Alpine and MultiCam® Tropic. The standard hook tape can be supplied in matching colors to the respective MultiCam®.

Technical hook and loop tape, woven

It is a special type of hook and loop fastener made of even higher quality polyamide 6.6 material, designed for use in particularly harsh environments and in the most difficult conditions. In terms of product characteristics and application possibilities, the Technical hook and loop tape is similar to the standard hook and loop tape, but has some additional advantages:

  • higher load capacity and greater load absorption
  • better resistance to moisture, dirt and chemicals
  • longer life, longer adhesion
  • higher UV resistance

The Technical Hook and Loop Tape complies with the French government specification GEM HT and is available from us exclusively as VELCRO® Brand Military Tape (MTT).

Available in the versions: Standard, flame retardant (FRT), infrared remittent (IRR), sew-on, stick-on, roll stock up to 105mm wide and die-cut.

Tests and certifications: DIN 3415, flame retardant according to EN ISO 11612 as well as EN ISO 14116 and EN 469 (EN ISO 15025 and ISO 17493), FMVSS 302, FAR 25853.

Colors: various colors according to manufacturer's color chart, special colors according to color samples, RAL, PANTONE® or CIELab.

Velour, knitted loop

The knitted loop tapes are made of polyamide or polyester. They are ideal for applications requiring particularly soft material and are available in a variety of qualities for a wide range of industries and uses. These types of tapes offer endless fastening options. They are compatible with woven hook and mushroom hook tapes as well as high-tech hook tapes.

Advantages of knitted loop tapes:

  • very wide range of variations in material thickness, stiffness and adhesive forces
  • available in widths up to 2,050mm
  • soft and gentle on the skin, perfect for medical applications
  • ideal for sewing on, also in full-area processing

Available in these versions: Standard, flame retardant (FRT), infrared remitting (IRR), sew-on, stick-on, roll stock and die-cut.

Colors: various colors according to the manufacturer's color chart, special colors according to color samples, RAL, PANTONE® or CIELab.

Mushroom hook tapes

Woven mushroom hook tapes are made of polyester and polypropylene and provide excellent fastening performance when attached to woven or knitted loop. They are ideal for permanent and also removable applications where strong adhesion is required. We offer a wide range of mushroom hook tapes with different performance characteristics in terms of peel, shear and tensile forces.

Also suitable for special fasteners such as flat roof installations, solar panels, wall panels and carpets, sanding pads for sanding machines and fasteners in the furniture industry. Available colors are black and white, others on request.

High-tech hook tapes

These are made of extruded plastic materials, offering a wide range of applications and providing a particularly flat hook-and-loop fastening technology. The hook shapes have been specifically designed for optimum performance and can be combined with woven or loop tapes in a variety of styles to provide the right solution for any application. Precise peel and shear properties can be defined by a variety of different hook profiles. The different hook shapes allow applications that are specifically designed to meet your requirements in terms of service life, durability, reusability and performance. The tapes are available with and without lamination of knitted or non-woven fabric on the reverse side. This makes these hook tapes suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries. Available in black and white.

Self-adhesive hook and loop tapes

An adhesive-free alternative as it is particularly suitable for cable management and patch cords. It is perfect for applications where a reusable, adjustable, easy-to-position and secure closure is needed. In doing so, it is gentle on sensitive cables and environments and prevents damage, yet is strong enough to hold large loads securely.

The adhesive-free, self-gripping closure leaves no chemical residue and is available in a flame-retardant version. Strong yet soft closure resists lint spills. Available in a wide range of colors.

These bundling solutions are available as continuous tapes or as pre-cut cable ties for easy and quick application.

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