Our expertise for you

When it comes to textile projects, amitex.at is your reliable partner. We have an experienced and well-connected team of specialists to help you meet your project needs. Whether you are a contractor or a client, we offer the right solutions to ensure that your projects run smoothly and successfully.

Skilled labor and fabrication capacity for contractors

Are you a fabricator needing to handle a large project, but lack skilled workers with in-depth knowledge of relevant standards and processes? You do not have the necessary manufacturing capacities?

As a fabricator, it can be difficult to complete a large project when there is a lack of skilled labor and manufacturing capacity. amitex.at can help you find the right people and resources to ensure that your project is completed successfully. We provide in-depth knowledge of relevant standards and processes, and ensure that you receive high-quality components on time and within budget.

Advice on defining tender specifications for clients

As a public authority, you need to define tender texts, but you lack detailed knowledge of current manufacturing options and technical feasibilities?

amitex.at will be happy to advise you and support you in making the right decisions. We help you to find the best solutions so that your projects are successfully implemented.

Project support from conception to realization

Are you looking for a partner to accompany you in the development of a complex project or a tender?

amitex.at is the right partner for you. We offer comprehensive project support from concept to realization. Our experts will assist you with all questions and challenges and ensure that your project is successfully achieved.

Expertise and reliable service

The good news is that there is a solution to these difficulties!

Our experienced and well-connected team of specialists offers you expertise and reliable service. We proudly provide our customers with high-quality solutions that meet their needs. Rely on our expert knowledge and many years of experience in textile projects.

We are happy to be here for you!

Martin Kreiger

Owner and managing director